The Channel101 Website has no description yet of this, so I'll try and summarize: Wade and Eric sold a movie pitch whilst wasted off their asses, and can't remember what it was. Steve Agee wants a role. They find out where they got the idea from.

...Since I wrote that, it got a description: "Wade and Eric sold a movie... but what was it?"

Mine's better.

See also Wade and Eric sold a Movie/Episode Two and Wade and Eric sold a Movie/Episode Three.

Episode OneEdit



Eric ... Eric Acosta
Wade ... Wade Randolph
Himself ... Steve Agee
Head Executive ... TJ Miller
Executive ... Mike Bridenstine
Executive ... Joselyn Hughes
Voice Of Rob Schrab ... Rob Schrab


Director ... Eric Acosta, Wade Randolph
Writer ... Eric Acosta, Wade Randolph
Producer ... Eric Acosta, Wade Randolph
Cinematographer ... Todd Bishop, Danny Jelinek
Editor ... Wade Randolph
Sound ... Dan Murrell

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