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Channel 101 co-founder Dan Harmon in his first failed pilot, another story of a man with a special power.

Screening Info
SCREENING DATE Sunday, June 25th - 2006

AUDIENCE SHARE 57.6% (6th at screening with 201 votes)

Fun FactsEdit

  • The video projector at Cinespace has an annoying dead pixel that just floats there in the middle of the screen like a tiny star. The arrow drawn on the chalkboard when "dead pixel" is spoken points right to it.[1]
    • Scratch that. Dan Harmon could never be that brilliant. The dead pixel was in his canon camera, not cinespace's projector. Maybe cinespace has a dead pixel, too. How crazy would it be if it was in the same spot....1 in 345600 chance, right?[2]

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