Created by Andy Goldblatt and Scott Chernoff.

Channel 101's first attempt at a mini-series event by the hit factory known as Andy and Scott. This is a breathtaking production that was part of an insane three-way tie for sixth place in June 2005.

Cast Edit

Crew Edit

Director ... Andy Goldblatt, Scott Chernoff
Writer ... Andy Goldblatt, Scott Chernoff
Producer ... Andy Goldblatt, Scott Chernoff
Music Composition ... Andy Hentz
Music Vocals ... Andy Hentz, Alexis Hanawalt, Silvie Zamora
Cinematographer ... Alexis Hanawalt
Editor ... Scott Chernoff
Set Decorator ... Andy Goldblatt
Costume Designer ... Andy Goldblatt, Dagmar Weaver-Madsen
Sound ... Alexis Hanawalt
Sound Mixer ... Alexis Hanawalt
Digital Effects ... Jeff Crocker
Lighting Director ... Alexis Hanawalt
Stunt ... Jeff Crocker
Crew ... Andy Hentz, Jeff Crocker, Emily Mellin, Jessica Lundby

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