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Created by James Atkinson, John Olsen, Deanna Rooney, Mike Manasewitsch, Jason Whetzell.

Screening Info
Screening Date Sunday, June 24th - 2007 Audience Share 20.9% (10th at screening with 44 votes)

The year is 2008 and almost everybody died in an outer space war. A young couple trying to have a baby, enlists the help of Perfect Blackbrain, M.D.

Cast Edit

  • Perfect Blackbrain ... James Atkinson
  • Man ... John Olsen
  • Woman ... Deanna Rooney
  • Creep Baby ... Jason Whetzell

Crew Edit

  • Director ... Mike Manasewitsch, James Atkinson
  • Writer ... James Atkinson
  • Cinematographer ... Mike Manasewitsch
  • Editor ... Deanna Rooney, Mike Manasewitsch
  • Digital Effects ... James Atkinson

Links Edit

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