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Cast and Crew: Episode One Edit


  • Sound:
    • Brenan Campbell

Created/Written/Directed/Edited by Mike Rose.

  • SCREENING DATE Sunday, August 30th - 2009
  • AUDIENCE SHARE 85.5% (2nd at screening with 138 votes)

Fagney and Gaycey take it to the streets to track down a ruthless flasher/murderer.

Cast and Crew: Episode Two.Edit



  • Cinematographer ... Zach Zdziebko

  • SCREENING DATE Sunday, September 27th - 2009
  • AUDIENCE SHARE 93.8% (1st at screening with 150 votes)

Someone is stealing babies! Will Fagney & Gaycey break the case?

Episode Three Edit

  • SCREENING DATE Sunday, October 25th - 2009
  • AUDIENCE SHARE 79.2% (1st at screening with 152 votes)


Fagney & Gaycey throw a Halloween party. Costumes required, but leave the drama at the door.

Fun Facts Edit

  • "The title Fagney&Gaycey was actually just a joke I made in the forums over a year ago. I saw it not too long ago and thought I should make it happen." - Mike Rose.
  • The first two episodes of Fagney&Gaycey have featured on the front page of
  • Mike Rose and Drew Droege did in-character Pop-up improv at Bang Comedy theatre.
  • Mike Rose was still editing Episode 3 on the day of the screening.

External Links Edit

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