Created by Nichole Bagby, Brenan Campbell, Mike Manasewitsch, Mike Stebbins.

SCREENING DATE Sunday, May 31st - 2009

AUDIENCE SHARE 20.1% (9th at screening with 35 votes)


Captain Pudding ... Nichole Bagby

Private Muscleflex ... Brenan Campbell

Daddy ... Mike Stebbins


Director ... Mike Manasewitsch

Writer ... Mike Manasewitsch

Music Composition ... Mike Stebbins

Cinematographer ... Mike Manasewitsch

Editor ... Mike Manasewitsch

Sound ... Alessa Kreger

Sound Mixer ... Mike Stebbins

Digital Effects ... Mike Manasewitsch, Brenan Campbell


In 2012 humans have lost the ability to create food, and all remaining food is guarded by the evil space creatures called "Daddies." Will our heroes retrieve the food without waking daddy? Find out.

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