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Unironically loves the song "It's Raining Men." And doesn't feel like that threatens his heterosexuality in any way.
2008 channy awards - future transmission - the end hires-43



  • Wade and Eric Sold a Movie #3 ... Cinematographer
  • Wade and Eric Sold a Movie #2 ... Sound
  • Wade and Eric Sold a Movie #1 ... Sound
  • Seinfelnd #1 ... Creator, Director, Writer, Producer, Lighting Director, Crew
  • Shitbuster (2008) #3 ... Director, Writer, Producer, Set Decorator, Costume Designer
  • Shitbuster (2008) #2 ... Writer, Producer, Costume Designer
  • Shitbuster (2008) #1 ... Creator, Writer, Producer, Costume Designer
  • Cheese Frog And Joe #1 ... Creator, Director, Writer, Editor
  • The Platteville Terror #1 ... Creator, Director, Writer, Editor, Sound
  • The Muhammads #1 ... Sound
  • An Historical Moment #1 ... Crew


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