Here's a history lesson: Classroom is the longest running Channel101 show of all time. Tyler Spiers and Joe Davidson started the show as a humble, character-driven pilot and it became the most embraced episodic series, schooling the competition for twelve screenings in a row. With its talented cast of Channel 101 regulars, the creative addition of Mike Rose, and frequent plot hi-jinks, the show maintained its status throughout one of the best seasons of Channel 101. Closing the book with their thirteenth episode, Classroom leaves behind a legacy of five first-place episodes, thousands of happy audience members, and a show that can teach us all a thing or two about Channel 101 success.

Several episodes from the series are not available on due to not having gotten location release forms for the shoots. Remember to get release forms for all your locations especially if your show features abortion, incest, and drugs.[1]

The third show to make it through one year, from Jan to Dec with only one month off.

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