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The game starts with 5 players and 4 kings in the deck.

After each draw, the person with the highest card must draw again

UNLESS someone draws a KING.

If you draw a KING (which is always high card cause aces are low) you make someone else draw again.

When you draw a king, you save it.

If you are in possession of a king, and you draw high card, you choose anyone else you want to draw. The only time you have to draw a second time in a round is if someone else with a king who has drawn high card chooses you to draw a second time.

If you draw a king while you are in possession of a king, you are out.

If you are the only player not in possession of a king, you are out.

When someone gets eliminated, one king is retired and all other kings are returned into play.

If nothing happens in a draw round, then all the cards are simply retired under the shot glass in the center and the play continues.

So each round includes the first draw, which is a group draw and a second draw for the player with the highest card, or the player that a kinged player chooses.

That's basically it.

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